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How we spend our morning often dictates how we spend our day. When we drag our feet over the side of the bed with a blaring alarm ringing for the 5th time that hour—when our heads are enveloped in a blurry grogginess masking even the most basic decisions—we are likely to struggle, to perform at less than optimal levels, to be, in a word…sluggish.

Yet, we don’t have to be sluggish! We don’t have to be lackadaisical and procrastinate and relegate ourselves to a mental prison of daily stagnation. Rather, even the most groggy among us can implement a few basic habits to make every morning a productive morning, and every day an impactful one. Without further adieu, transform your morning, and maybe your career, today:

Shut Off

Electronically, anyway. When we immediately check our inboxes and various messages, we risk falling into a mindless lull, a mentality where although we peruse what we need to do, we do nothing to accomplish what we need to do. Instead, since our brains have not fully woke up before placing stress on them, we merely feel anxious.

It is the doing that solves this stress and this anxiety. I recommend waiting until you are in a place to act before looking at the day’s problems. A problem without a solution only taxes you, whereas a problem with a solution emboldens you. Wait till you have the opportunity to provide a solution before addressing your inbox.


Erase mental inertia from your morning. Rather than dread exercise, just jump straight from the sheets to push ups. Muhammad Ali, although he hated exercise, used to sleep in his gym clothes so there was no opportunity for him to procrastinate. He merely woke up, rolled over, and got moving. You can, and should, do the same.


Hand-in-hand with disconnecting from your electronics, meditating wipes your mind clean before the day’s events. By taking a moment for yourself to clear your mind, you will be able to reduce stress, boost creativity, and even improve focus. The studies behind meditation are amazing, and I highly recommend you give them a look.

Our days are, predictably, most effective when beginning them in the most effective way possible. The above tips are merely an example of that, and if you can implement your own tips to get up and get moving—please do! The key is perception.