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Shane Hurley

Shane Hurley’s Professional Beginnings

Shane Hurley grew up in a small town located in North Idaho. With a drive to succeed from a young age, Shane graduated from high school a full year early in order to get a jumpstart on his professional life.

Shane Hurley began his career as a mechanic apprentice and, owing to his aptitude, passion, and work ethic, he quickly rose through the ranks to run a service shop. Shane threw himself into this work for about a year, and found that the harder he worked, the more inspired he felt. Shane’s newly developed fascination with automobiles led him to attend a car auction. The course of his career was very quickly changed once he realized that there was a potential market for buying cars and reselling them for a profit.

Shane’s unparalleled commitment to excellence has resonated in the car industry and beyond. After managing his service shop to success, he turned his attention to business to business services in Spokane, Washington and has never looked back. As the founder of his own Inc. 500 | 5000 company, Shane now helps clients identify opportunities where they could be producing more revenue, and then works with clients to make that opportunity a reality. Since then, he has been named one of the inland northwest’s most powerful and influential people.


Beginning of Career

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Shane bought his first car for $1,000 and sold it for $2,000. Inspired by that first return on investment, Hurley knew he was moving towards something bigger than just a hobby. At the age of 19, Shane earned his dealer’s license and acquired a lot in which he could sell cars. After the initial set-up, Shane found that the business was running smoothly. His success in this endeavor provided him with some extra time and additional capital with which to explore new ventures and other entrepreneurial projects.


Further Development

In 2007, Shane Hurley took another stride toward becoming an established entrepreneur by launching a business solutions company in Spokane, Washington. Shane noticed a gap between what B2B services were needed, and what B2B services were being offered at the time. He observed that what clients really wanted was a resource and advisor to help them identify solutions that would have the maximum, positive bottom line impact on their businesses. Shane got to work establishing a venture that directly addressed this market need, and shortly thereafter was acknowledged for it.


As a CEO

Shane Hurley has been the CEO of an Inc. 500|5000 company based in Phoenix, Arizona for three consecutive years. He has also been recognized as one of the 50 most powerful and influential people in the inland northwest. At the age of 27, he was recognized as one of his area’s top 20 professionals under 40. Most recently, Hurley took on a role as an advisor and silent partner in a new startup, FlyTrue Transport, He joined FlyTrue on the ground floor, and it is now projected to do $2.5 million in revenue in 2015.


One of Shane Hurley’s entrepreneurial role models is Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company. According to Forbes, in 2008 Ford’s net worth would have been $188.1 billion. Not only did he build an extraordinary company that is still around today, he was also one of the first entrepreneurs of his time to really take care of his employees, and create a great place to work. Shane Hurley also admires Steve Jobs and Walt Disney, among many others.

Steve Jobs exhibited an unparalleled commitment to perfection that Shane strives to emulate whenever possible. Yet, it was not merely Job’s perfectionist tendencies that built his career. It was also his ability to innovate outside of the normal marketplace. By identifying what consumers wanted before they wanted it, Jobs was able to establish a technological empire that currently has the most active devices at any given time in the entire world. By “thinking different,” Jobs established not just himself while he was alive but also his name as a lasting legacy that will resonate throughout the rest of human history. Shane Hurley hopes to do the same.